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  - China-Guangdong Nuclear Power Group signed a "British nuclear power project investment agreement" with the French Power Group .
 The China Huadian Group signed a "long-term gas trade agreement"with British Petroleum. 
 - Chinese oil (8.83, 0.01, 0.11%) and British Petroleum Natural Gas Group signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement".
 - Chinese Three Gorges Corporation signed the "on the joint investment in the development of British Moray offshore wind power project cooperation agreement" with the Portuguese national electric power company.
 The National Development Bank signed "on the UK infrastructure and energy projects memorandum of cooperation" with UK Trade and investment department .
 The Chinese building materials group and WElink energy company signed agreement about  British photovoltaic power plants and new housing project cooperation.
 Which concerns the photovoltaic power plants and new housing projects related agreements, the two sides obviously can be seen to be closely concerned about  the development of photovoltaic industry, the future development of the photovoltaic industry is still good prospects. 
 Since the signing of so many agreements, it seems that the cooperation in energy field will be potential , I hope the two sides can continue to use a lot of limited energy to play out of the infinite glory!

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